Strategic Consultancy

At Indus, we understand the significance of going to the right track at the right point in time. It is all that strategic consultancy demands from the healthcare institutions! Indus undertakes strategic exercises to review the existing systems and operations in a healthcare institution. The idea here is to enhance the performance and appeal of the services offered by an institution so that we could make it fit in accordance with the expectations of the patients and promising market trends.

The key features of Strategic Consultancy at Indus include:

• Accessing the contemporary marketing trends.

• Walking hand in hand with the competitive market.

• Reviewing the revenue and cost model involved.

• Checking for clinical services and human resources model.

• Analyzing the state of medical equipment and infrastructure.

• Managing the various processes of the clinical program, procurement, and laboratory.

• Medical assistance via radiology and imaging management.

• Conducting nursing education and designing medical programs.

• Adopting new means of clinical program management.

• A special focus of revenue and cost management model.


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