At Indus, the tale of accomplishments and initiatives is quite interesting in its own way! Addressing the broad range of referral clinical needs, Indus healthcare is determined to continue the winning legacy of prominent healthcare services. Our effort includes an investment of time and quality in developing systems that could eliminate the unwanted chances of patient waiting lists. The systems used at Indus impart the ultimate essence of self-reliance in the healthcare services- it is all that the patients need for witnessing the best referral services!

Have a look at some of our projects:

Indus- Ministry of Health Gynae Cancer Backlog Project

(From August 2011 to December 2012)

Situated right in the midst of Serowe, Sekgoma Memorial Hospital is a 250 bedded hospital in the rural division of Africa. The contribution of Indus healthcare has always helped Sekgoma Hospital in the best possible way. Way back in the year August 2011, when Indus attended over 2000 patients from the rural hospital, we knew that the requirement of tertiary clinical care was prominent in the group. Indus contributed heavily to the medical concerns related to women health and HIV/AIDS. Today, statistics shows the revolution in the epidemiological fact associated with the diseases. Needless to say, the clinical service that helped statistics to improve in Botswana was provided by Indus. Indus is indeed fortunate to worked with a dedicated team of thorough medical professionals who assisted the noble idea in a dynamic manner. Nevertheless, the process also includes training and preparing the skills of local staff.

Arthroplasty Services in Rural Botswana

A small rural hospital known by the name of ‘Mahalapye District Hospital’ is located at a distance of 270 km from the capital Gaborone. The need of Arthroplasty (or commonly known as Joint Replacement Surgery) is urgent yet difficult to conduct in the same location. In such a scenario, Indus came to the rescue, as the healthcare services were ultimately trusted by the ministry of health. Indus came forward to share a partnership with the Senior Management of the Hospital. By planning a detailed campaign and a multi-facet approach, about 15 Arthroplasty Surgeries were performed for the duration of mere 3 days. The project involved a wide range of medical and paramedical staff (devoted from both Indus Botswana and India). The devoted for the project include Hospital Theater Preparedness Team. Post-Op Preparedness Team, and Critical Clinical Supplies Unit.


By signing an MOU with the prestigious Kisii County Government in Kenya, Indus stepped in for the remarkable Roll-out and management assistance at the County Level 5 and Sub-County Hospitals. Right from the time of its initial devotion, the empowering counties like Kissi has contributed wonderfully to the healthcare services. Indus shares a proud association, cooperation and commercial relationship with the same. A team of dedicated resources has been already working in Nairobi.

Our Clients

1. Ministry of Health (Botswana)

2. Ministry of Health (Kenya)

3. Ministry of Health (Namibia)

4. Ministry of Health (Lesotho)

National Rural Healthcare Mission
Spreading the widest beam of healthcare enlightenment, Indus healthcare services extended their reach to the remotest areas and corners of Kasumpti, Shimla Himachal Pradesh. The ‘National Rural Healthcare Mission’ designed under the Corporate Social Responsibility scheme of Indus was started in the year 2012. The initiative holds an active conscience of treating and operating people situated in the rural divisions of our country. The overall mission focuses on 18 different states that are listed for weak public health indicators and infrastructures. These 18 States are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Orissa, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh. The National Rural Healthcare Mission initiated by Indus was meant for organizing multi-speciality surgical camps in rural and tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh. With the help of diverse medical facilities, Indus provides different services in the medical camps. The services include General Surgeries (Elective & Emergency), OBG Surgeries (Elective, Emergency, and MTP), Family Planning (Sterilization) operations, Eye Surgeries and ANC checkup. The 10 day long projects covered 50 major surgeries: 20 major General Surgeries, 20 Major OBG Surgeries, and 10 Eye Surgeries. 

The Cataract Surgery:
The Cataract Surgery initiative by Indus Healthcare Botswana in association with the Ministry of Health, Botswana conducted 1004 surgeries during the organized camp. The surgery camp invited patients from all across the country, and the camp was generally visited by patients who were suffering from eye-related complications. The cataract surgery initiative conducted by Indus continued to provide services for the duration of 2 months. According to the analysis, all the surgeries were successful as there were no post-operative complications listed. The entire healthcare initiative was assisted by professional physicians and para-medical staff. Way back when the project was first started, it became evident that the patients suffering from cataract in Botswana were in vast numbers. The immediate requirement of proactive medical services was the need of the hour. Indus is indeed proud to initiate the camp that assisted about 1004 surgeries.  


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