Facilitating the Essence of Health Care

Essential Planning in Business and Clinical Healthcare

Effective planning is the first building step, and thus Indus strives to create a comprehensive working order to define the exact working role in a business module. After planning, marketing research and absolute analysis of the demographic situation comprises the next step. The second step of the stage also includes detailed disease patterns, trend analysis, market research, and demand & supply dynamics. The idea with ‘Essential Planning in Business and Clinical Healthcare’ is to score clarity in vision and essential planning during the preliminary stage of setup. The stage also includes:

• Comparative analysis of present and future trends of the market.

• Accessing the viability of a business situation.

• A thorough assessment of human resource and medical equipment.

• Analyzing the cost of the project in order to gain clarity.

• Sharing of a detailed project report with finance forecasts.

Human Resource Management

Managing the most promising essence in an organization i.e. the ‘manpower’ is a vital concern for Indus! Thus, the Human Resource Advisory at Indus focuses on managing the integral manpower needs and requirements. Nevertheless, the assessment of needs is always planned in accordance with the clinical and service profile of the administrative body. Human Resource Management at Indus includes:

• Addressing precise needs like job recruitments and training programs.

• Undergoing a thorough analysis of the manpower needs.

• An amalgamation of professional and paramedical staff after analyzing the service needs.

• Ensuring the qualified aid for successful completion of manpower planning.

• Working on long term strategies.





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